Slow Food

a taste of slowSlow Food is the name of an international organization that was started by Carlo Petrini in the year 1986. The idea behind the organization was to promote a different variety of foodstuff to replace the fast foods. The organization is more interested in maintaining the traditional kinds of foods in a bid to help ensure healthy living. As such, it promotes the consumption of regional cuisine while encouraging the farming of plants, seeds as well as livestock that can be sustained by the local ecosystem. This means that the organization seeks to support small local businesses whose aim is to manufacture food for the locals.

Since its establishment, the movement has grown to include over 100,000 people. It has also spread out its tentacles to over 150 countries across the world. For a movement that followed on the footsteps of the Slow Movement, this is quite a remarkable achievement.

The origin of this organization is interesting to say the least. The main aim at its formation was to protest the opening of a McDonald’s near the Spanish Steps in Rome. It started off with the mother organization Arcigola in Italy. A few years later, its founding manifesto was signed in France by delegates from 15 countries. As such, while it may have started off as a simple protest against a multinational seeking to spread its tentacles, the founders metamorphosed the organization to not only be part of the problem but also offer a solution. The solution that they came up with involved the promotion of the traditional foods and recipes.

The main objective of this organization is to promote the locally produced foods in a region while at the same time reducing the use of fast foods in the area. In doing this, the organization supports the local businesses and food manufacturers. They also teach gardening skills to the locals and encourage ethical buying. Additionally, they come up with a variety of political programs to encourage and preserve family farms and at the same time organizing celebrations for local cuisines. The organizations also pursues policy makers in a bid to influence agricultural policies in the member countries.

The Slow Food Australia website can be found here:

Slow Food Sydney

slow food sydneyIn 1989 the fast food giant McDonald’s had announced that they had plans to open a restaurant at the bottom of the Spanish Steps in Rome, a great monument, at the time it seemed that the fast food industry would truly take over globally. A man named Carlo Petrini and a group of passionate followers spoke out against McDonald’s and the following protest gave birth to a movement known as Slow Food.

Slow Food is a movement that’s all about forming networks between farmers and consumers to better help consumers find the best locally grown produce and foods that they can find. Beyond just forming these networks slow food Sydney is dedicated to helping its members learn more about the land and its limits. Slow Food Sydney also offers traditional recipes as well as seasonal guides to different crops. Don’t misunderstand though, Slow Food Sydney is not just about the crop and produce, it also includes livestock.

Slow Food has 100,000 members globally within 132 countries. This does include members from all walks of life such as chefs, caterers, students, families, scientist and many more. Really anyone who is interested in wholesome locally grown foods is welcome. The Slow Food Sydney movement has a belief that all the food we eat should not only taste good, but also be produces in such a way that it’s clean, and does not harm the environmental welfare or animal welfare. Also those producers of such wholesome foods should receive fair compensation for their work.

Slow Food Sydney offers many type of information including traditional recipes, events and just basic food news. Slow Food Sydney is a community who are interested in getting away from the fast living of today and celebrating the traditional, clean and healthy ways of the past. You’ve got to admit that knowing what exactly is in your meal and where it comes from is much nicer as well. Locally grown foods have many advantages one of which is there are no import costs, therefor they can sometimes be a bit cheaper than foods purchased from a big warehouse somewhere.

The following is the website address for Slow Food Sydney:

Slow Food Perth

slow food perthSlow Food Perth is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 to counteract the fat food restaurants as well as fast living as well as the disappearance of local food traditions, people’s interest in the foods that they eat, where those foods come from, how the fresh traditional meals taste compared to the fast food restaurants.  Slow Food Perth is also very interested and focused on how the choices that are made by learning more about the land and it’s limits affects the rest of the world and its people, animals, plants and communities.

Slow Food was founded and is based in Bra, Italy. There are more than 100,000 members in 132 countries. Western Australia is home to three of the 36 Slow Food organizations located in Australia. Specifically Slow Food Perth has 200 members including chefs, cooks, families, producers, retailers, students, merchants, winemakers and even scientists. Most of our activities and events are coordinated by volunteers.

Slow Food Perth created a link between the consumer and the grower so that anyone can have the freshest and best available produce in Perth. Although Slow Food does not only focus on crops it also involves livestock such as cow and sheep and many more. Slow Food Perth offers information with traditional recipes events and information to get into contact with local growers.

Slow Food Perth is about much more than just its locally raised crops and livestock. It’s about the love for food that is not tainted by a fast life style and fast food chains, a food that is traditional and shared with friends and family. Slow Food Perth is not just an idea it is a way of life for many, Slow Food Perth builds networks between growers and consumers, agriculture and markets, the community and the world. Slow Food Perth offer information on clean food and fair food, by informing the consumers what it is that they are eating. It’s often hard to tell where exactly a piece of produce came from when you get it from a fast food chain, but when you get it locally you can rest assured it’s the best you can find.

Those looking for the Slow Food Perth website should go here:

Slow Food Melbourne

slow food melbourneSlow Food Melbourne is a small part of a global network of Slow Food members. The Slow Food organization is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1986 in Bra, Italy. Slow Food was established to counteract the modern takeover of fast food chains and restaurants. The goal of Slow Food is to preserve local and traditional food preparation and growth, also to reignite people’s interests in the foods that they consume. Such as where it comes from, how it tastes and what kind of impacts it has on the consumers and growers.

Slow Food Melbourne is a community that understands that the best things in life are often the simplest things, and that, our heritage of food, traditions and culture should be protected as well as celebrated. Slow Food Melbourne works proudly beside local Victorian producers to spread the Slow Food philosophy, and give the residents of Melbourne access to some of the best locally grown foods and produce available. For many the Slow Food movement is not just an idea, it’s a way of life.

By joining the Slow Food Melbourne community you will have access to multiple recipes, information on seasonal crops, lists of events and just general news relating to Slow Food and produce. Globally, Slow Foods is comprised of hundreds of thousands of members in over 130 different countries from around the world. Each and every person has their own experiences and are usually willing to share through the community. Everyone is welcome to join the Slow Food Melbourne community rather you’re a teacher, lawyer, student, chef, scientist or someone who is interested in learning about the land and it’s limits and enjoying some of the best locally grown produce available.

Slow Food Melbourne isn’t just about locally grown crops, it’s about any food that isn’t specifically engineered by people to be harvested as food. There are people in the community who focus heavily into seafood, wines, vegetables and fruits among other things. Beyond all of that Slow Food Melbourne is about a community of people who get together to enjoy traditional meal preparations and recipes.

Here are directions to the Slow Food Melbourne website:

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Slow Food and Professional Indemnity Insurance

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